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photo of many handsreportit! at UNH is a place to report and learn about incidents of bias or hate, discrimination and/or harassment directed at members of the UNH community and our guests. By submitting a report or learning more about this type of behavior, you help us to improve our campus and community climate. You have the right to submit an anonymous report but please be aware that by doing so you may limit UNH’s ability to fully respond to your claims.

If you have observed or experienced an incident of bias or hate, discrimination and/or harassment, please report the incident using the reportit!_form or contact the Affirmative Action and Equity Office at or (603) 862-2930 Voice / (603) 862-1527 TTY / 7-1-1 Relay NH.

UNH Mandatory Reporters must report instances of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, directly to the Title IX Coordinator. See Faculty/Staff/Employee Reporting Requirements. No anonymous reporting resources such as reportit! may be substituted in these cases.


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